Shimano introduces Corner Concept throughout Europe

Shimano introduces Corner Concept throughout Europe

Shimano is implementing Shimano Corners throughout Europe. So far 22 stores have been build in Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and UK and all dealers are very happy with the new presentation. Till the end of the year 4 more dealers will follow in these countries.

Gerard Bakkenes, Sr. Marketing Manager at Shimano Europe Fishing Holding explains why the company started with this concept:

“We want people to go into the shop where they can actually touch and feel the products and get a personal and professional advise from the retailer. Because a wide and complete assortment is available in the Shimano corner, displayed together, it will enable the retailer and consumer to easily find matching Shimano products to go with the item he/she is after. For consumers the purchasing decision will be easier, having a complete range of products to choose from and to actually touch and feel them.”

With the Corner Concept Shimano offers a flexible and updatable in-store concept to create customer experience around the Shimano brand. The corner can be set up in different dimensions to adapt to the shop’s space. The range is pre-defined based on the dimensions of the Shimano corner.

The focus is on Shimano rods, reels and lines and explain their wider technology features & benefits.

Beginning of this year Shimano started with a pilot store in Italy. Gianluca Ornaghy, General Manager at Shimano Italy Fishing:

“Shimano Italy Fishing has just celebrated the fifth installation of a Shimano Corner. Currently we have 42 meters of Shimano displays on walls and 14 on midshops. The visual impact is amazing, end consumers can easily identify products, touch them and understand technical features. Everything has been designed in order to facilitate the purchasing experience.

The pilot store was installed in “Parini Pesca”, located in the south area of Milan. It is 68 square meters, making it more a “shop in shop” than a corner. For us this has been an excellent test and we learned a lot, providing ideas for future improvements. Customers gave us positive feedbacks and suggestions.

Of course our goal is to support our partners as much and as good as possible, customizing and fine tuning the corners in order to help them to provide the best service to enthusiastic users of Shimano products and why not let us the not yet Shimano customers to know, compare and finally purchase our high quality rods, reels and accessories."

Shimano Corner Concept Parini

Shimano corner in Parini Pesca

After Shimano learned from the experience at Parini Pesca and later a 2nd Italian dealer, since September more Shimano Corners were rolled out in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom.

In the Shimano Corner the focus is on benefits and the story of the products instead of price. With videos and information banners the features of the products are explained and the assortment is built in a clear way. This makes it much easier to compare products. Also products are not behind glass but the consumers can touch and feel them.






So far Shimano corners have been installed in the following shops:

Reactions retailers

On October 20th a corner of 7m2 was installed at Voorhuis in Albergen, the Netherlands. Shop owner Jurgen Letteboer tells excitedly:

“We are extremely happy and proud to be the first fishing store in the Netherlands where the new concept is presented. Of course for us as “Super-Shimano dealer” it is essential to have this in our store. This is proven by the many positive reactions from our customers in our shop and also on Facebook.

For us as a retailer it is a very pleasant way of working, being able to show a reel to a customer without any hassle due to the new presentation. Of course same goes for our customers; they don’t need to ask for assistance from one of our employees if they would like to try a reel.

Next to this it is very clear to have matching lines and rods on the same wall. In short a Super corner in a Super shop!!”



Another enthusiastic reaction came from Richard Hearth, Store Manager of Sheltons Fishing Tackle in Peterborough - the first UK based store to have a Shimano Corner:

“I am really impressed with the build quality and design, it enhances the overall look of the store which is great and can only help improve sales of Shimano products.

We have already had some great feedback and positive comments from our customers.

We are honoured to be the first in UK to showcase these displays.”

sheltons 1 LR.jpg

Shelton's Fishing Tackle

In Germany the reactions after installation of the Shimano corners were very positive as well.

Niebull Bau & Hobbymarkt GmbH had their corner installed on October 20th. Salesmen Manfred Matthiesen and Christian Götze commented:

“The Shimano Corner Concept is very fancy and offers a perfect overview on the Shimano reel, rod and line range. Our customers are enthusiastic giving an overall very positive feedback.”

Shop owner Andreas Herrmann of Zoo-Angel-Freizeit GmbH has a Shimano Corner since October 14th and says:

“The Shimano Corner is a clear eye catcher. When entering the shop our customers go straight forward to the Shimano wall. Having Shimano high-end reels, rods and lines on stock with great product presentation everybody is talking about and anglers are visiting my shop from much larger distances.”


Parini Pesca srl - Settimo Milanese (Lombardia)

Pianeta pesca snc be - Modena (Emilia Romagna)

Sport sile s.r.l. - Silea (Veneto)

Big Fish srl - Preganziol (Veneto)

Agri sport fortino - Castiglione Cosentino (Calabria)

Millenium Lanza - Trento


Haake - Lathen

Zoo-Angel-Freizeit - Parchim

Niebüll - Niebüll

Angeldomäne - Herne

Pieper - Gladbeck

Angelzentrale Herrieden - Aurach

Carpfood24 - Eisenhüttenstadt

Johann Wessels GmbH Hobbywelt - Suedbrookmerland

Endner´s Angelwelt - Roth


Hainaut Peche - Morlanwelz

Lemmens - Diets

Robby Fish - Wommelgem

Karpercenter - Aalst

Jacquet Peche S.A. - Pin-Izel

The Netherlands

Voorhuys - Albergen

Glaudemans Hengelsport - Den Bosch

De Snoekbaars - Almere


Sheltons of Peterborough - Peterborough

Angling Direct - Waltham

Veals - Bristol