Going the distance

Going the distance

By Shimano Pro Staff Mike Hamer

Fishing at long range is often required to reach feeding carp on large waters and whilst good casting technique is important, so is using the correct tackle.

Most anglers know that a ‘Big Pit’ reel gives you more distance, but they often overlook the rod, which is actually the most important thing.

Most 3.5lb plus rods will cast a long way, but for ultimate performance the Shimano Tribal Intensity rods take some beating. These rods have been ne tuned especially for distance casting and have special advanced tapers, combined with a powerful butt section, to create massive tip speed.

The result is faster lead speed during the cast which improves distance, irrespective of you casting ability.

Intensity models are available in 12’ (3.6m) and 13’ (3.9m) to suit your preference.


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