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As one of the world’s leading fishing companies, Shimano has a wealth of fishing, design and manufacturing experience from around the world.

In recent years European anglers have started to look far and wide for tackle to suit their style of fishing. American and Japanese lure fishing techniques are now well established in Europe, as are the latest saltwater techniques, many of which originate from tropical waters, but work equally as well in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

To satisfy the demand of anglers looking for high quality, precision engineered tackle, designed for the very latest techniques, Shimano has introduced a selected range of their very best products. These products have been designed and manufactured without compromise and in some countries have reached legendary status. Within this brochure you will see that we have selected exclusive rods and also reels that work in perfect harmony to give you the very best fishing experience.

Shimano has also selected an exclusive JDM Dealer network of retailers who have the expertise, and excellence, to offer you the correct advice on this specialised range of premium products.

This selection of products is available in Germany, France and Italy.

Quick View 4x3_RA014M_v1_m56577569830934346.jpg RA-014M Gore-tex Suit Olive

Waterproof suit with excellent comfort and breathability

Quick View 4x3_RA034N_v1_m56577569830934351.jpg RA-034N Marine Light Suit Red-Navy

Easy to clean suit with cushion pad to protect the seat area

Quick View 4x3_RA22JN_v1_m56577569830934352.jpg RA-22JN Xefo Gore-Tex Jacket Navy-Lime

The Xefo jacket provides excellent mobility and comfort and great ventilation.

Quick View 4x3_RA024N_v1_m56577569830934347.jpg RA-024N Dryshield XT Suit Black

Sporty black suit for severe fishing conditions

Quick View 4x3_RA024N_BLBD_v1_m56577569830934348.jpg RA-024N Dryshield XT Suit Blue Blood

Blue version of the Dryshield XT suit, developed for severe fishing conditions

Quick View 4x3_RA026N_BY_v1_m56577569830934349.jpg RA-026N Dryshield Suit Bright Yellow

Suit for various kinds of fishing situations, provides excellent mobility and comfort while keeping you dry.

Quick View 4x3_RA026N_CRD_v1_m56577569830934350.jpg RA-026N Dryshield Suit Red

Red version of the Dryshield suit, offers breathability and water resistance.

Quick View 4x3_SH090N-NV_v1_m56577569830934353.jpg SH-090N Full Zip Shirt Long Sleeve Navy

Comfortable jacket to protect against UV

Quick View 4x3_SH094GY_v1_m56577569830934354.jpg SH-094N Polo Shirt Short Sleeve Silver Grey

Short sleeve polo with UV protection

Quick View 4x3_SH099NTG_v1_m56577569830934356.jpg SH-099N Airventi Shirt Grey

Stylish shirt which offers great ventilation

Quick View 4x3_SH296N-BK_v1_m56577569830934357.jpg SH-296N T-Shirt Sea Bass Black

Black t-shirt with Sea Bass print

Quick View 4x3_SH296N-GO_v1_m56577569830934358.jpg SH-296N T-Shirt Hirame Gold

Gold coloured t-shirt with fish print