Yasei AX Zander Pleasure

Deadbaiting for zander is a method that requires a very delicate approach. Zander are notorious for dropping a deadbait extremely quickly if they feel resistance. This soft, parabolic actioned rod minimizes the resistance and playing zander becomes a fantastic experience. This rod pairs up superbly with a 2500 size Baitrunner reel. The white mark below the tip guide indicates the bites.
  • blank_construction_v1_m56577569830909651.png HPC100 & Biofibre
  • guide_rings_v1_m56577569830909652.png Fuji stainless steel K-type Alconite
  • reel_seat_v1_m56577569830909653.png Shimano woven carbon tube
  • grips_v1_m56577569830909649.png Power Cork


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Product Specs

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Rod type Spinning
Lengths 2,70m - 3,00m
Actions -
Blank material HPC100 & Biofibre
Reel seat Shimano woven carbon tube
Guide type Fuji stainless steel K-type Alconite
Grip Power Cork
Packaging Velvet bag

Item code Length (m) Action Transport length (cm) Weight (g) Nr of guides Nr of sections Casting weight (g)
SYAAXZDR30 3 - 154 153 10 2 30
SYAAXZDR27 2.7 - 139 147 9 2 30