Mark Pollard heads to Ireland

Mark Pollard

3rd November 2014

The first week out in Ireland was the 3rd year running of the World Pairs and the fishing was set to be very good as we have had a great Summer. The fishing was not as good as expected although there were some good weights in the 20 kilo+ bracket with not as many Hybrids showing. Myself and my partner Derek Willan had a good week but ended up 19th out of the 69 pairs missing framing by 7 kilo+.

I had a good week but did not pick up a single section my best day was 13 kilo+ of Roach next to Jacko for second in my section. Derek picked up a third in his zone so we had some money back. Adam Wakelin and Rob Wootton won the pairs and had a great week, well done to them winning by more than 23 kilo a great performance. Hopefully next year it will be a better World Pairs for us.

On the weekend before the Fermanaugh Cup me and Derek fished the Feeder 2 day event at Lough Muckno which was fishing really well. You can only fish the feeder or bomb and with this in mind being a better pole venue it did not fish as well. I won my section both days with 5 kilo+ and 9 kilo+ Derek did well and finished 3rd overall resulting in a bit more money back.

Then it was off to the Fermanaugh Cup run by Mark Silman in Eniskillen. This was the first time it was to be fished, with  £4,000 going to the winner and the top 10 being paid. I had a great week picking up every day bar one. On the Monday I drew Ross Lough, as far as you can chuck its 2 foot deep with 30 foot of Mud! This has got to be the muckiest place I have ever fished, not to mention shallowest with the most pike I have ever come across. I had a good day winning the lake with 13 kilo 800 grams of Hybrids and a few Roach. When I got back I found out I was 3rd in the match.

On Tuesday I drew at Killadeas peg 4, the grassy point. I had another good day catching 22 kilo+ of Roach and Hybrids. I caught on pole and feeder. I was second in my section but second in the match another good start and up in the top 3 for the festival.

Then on Wednesday I drew Cleenish Island but the wrong end following a 1 kilo off my peg! I fished a good match on the pole and put 4 kilo 850 gram on the scales of pole caught Roach and only being beat by the end peg. Thursday and another bad draw at Inishmore Viaduct, peg 4. The angler (Mark Godfrey) had not gone to his peg the day before, it was that good! So I did my best as it was a weight match and put 3 kilo 200 on the scales of pole caught Roach for a section win.

The last day put me at Macross. The section where only 5 Roach had been caught all week! I set up the pole and feeder, to my surprise caught 3 fish on the pole and 12 big Roach on the feeder plus a 3lb Trout that don't count (never mind). I put 4 kilo 350 gram on the scales for a section win and a weight I thought I would not get in. I ended up 4th in the festival missing 3rd place by 50gms.