Line visibility (or lack of it) has always been a key factor when choosing mainline line, followed by strength and casting ability. Shimano's Technium Invisitec incorporates all three of these thanks to its triple core technology, so there is no need to compromise! For years Specimen hunters have been using Technium for its outstanding reliability, it is now available in lighter breaking strains to suit every anglers needs. Take a look at original Technium for full details on the Triple Core technology
  • colour_v1_m56577569830909655.png Low visible grey
  • material_v1_m56577569830909648.png Nylon
  • made_in_v1_m56577569830909656.png Japan

Product Specifications

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Spool length options 300m & Quarter Pound spools
Colour options Low visible grey
Diameter options -
Breaking Strength options 3lb-15lb
Material Nylon
Made in Japan
Packaging Carton Box / Premium Box (QP)

Item code Description Spool Colour Diameter Breaking strength kg Breaking strength lb
TECINV3003LB Technium Invisitec 300m 3lb 300m Low visible grey - - 3lb
TECINV8LBQPPB Technium Invisitec 8lb QP - Low visible grey - - 8lb
TECINV12LBQPPB Technium Invisitec 12lb QP - Low visible grey - - 12lb
TECINV10LBQPPB Technium Invisitec 10lb QP - Low visible grey - - 10lb
TECINV3008LB Technium Invisitec 300m 8lb 300m Low visible grey - - 8lb
TECINV3004LB Technium Invisitec 300m 4lb 300m Low visible grey - - 4lb
TECINV3006LB Technium Invisitec 300m 6lb 300m Low visible grey - - 6lb
TECINV3005LB Technium Invisitec 300m 5lb 300m Low visible grey - - 5lb
TECINV15LBQPPB Technium Invisitec 15lb QP - Low visible grey - - 15lb