• A robust monofilament line with a camouflage finish • Low stretch for increased bite detection • High strength and suppleness • Green camouflage finish is less detectable to wary fish • An outstanding line for fishing weedy waters
  • colour_v1_m56577569830909655.png Camou
  • material_v1_m56577569830909648.png Nylon
  • made_in_v1_m56577569830909656.png Japan

Product Specifications

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Spool length options Quarter Pound spools
Colour options Camou
Diameter options 0,28mm-0,40mm
Breaking Strength options 7,50kg-14,00kg
Material Nylon
Made in Japan
Packaging Premium Box

Item code Description Spool Colour Diameter Breaking strength kg Breaking strength lb
TECTR28QPPB Technium Tribal 0,28mm QP 1250m Camou 0,28mm 7,50kg -
TECTR30QPPB Technium Tribal 0,30mm QP 1100m Camou 0,30mm 8,50kg -
TECTR35QPPB Technium Tribal 0,35mm QP 790m Camou 0,35mm 11,50kg -
TECTR40QPPB Technium Tribal 0,40mm QP 620m Camou 0,40mm 14,00kg -
TECTR30BLK5000 Technium Trib. 5000m 0,305mm 5000m Camou 0,30mm 8,50kg
TECTR35BLK5000 Technium Trib. 5000m 0,355mm 5000m Camou 0,35mm 11,50kg