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Surf rods
Quick View nexave_dx_surf_v1_m56577569830908757.png Nexave DX Tele Surf

The Nexave is easily recognized by it's stunning blue cosmetics and is more than capable of chucking large leads up to 200g with its 4.5m model.

Quick View alivio_surf_v1_m56577569830908651.png Alivio EX Tele Surf

The entry level Alivio EX is a superb performer at an exceptionally affordable price.

Quick View surf_custom_tubular_tip_v1_m56577569830908790.png Surf Custom 3pc

The Surf Custom series is engineered for superior casting performance and is the perfect combination of strength, durability and sensitivity.

Quick View forcemaster_ax_surf_v1_m56577569830908742.png ForceMaster Surf 3pc

The Forcemaster represents extraordinary value for money, incorporating low weight, crisp action and superior strength.

Quick View ultegra_surf_sensitive_v1_m56577569830908819.png Ultegra Surf Sensitive 3pc

The Ultegra Surf Sensitive is designed for maximum bite detection when targeting smaller salt water species.

Quick View ultegra_surf_tubular_v1_m56577569830908821.png Ultegra Surf Tubular

The Ultegra Surf Tubular with superior HPC250 carbon + Biofibre blank is designed for extreme long casts.

Quick View nexave_beach_surf_v1_m56577569830908753.png Nexave Beach

The stunning electric blue Nexave is the perfect compromise between power and sensitivity - a rod perfectly suited to beach ledgering.

Quick View nexave_cx_surf_v1_m56577569830908754.png Nexave CX Surf 2pc

The Nexave Surf range offers excellent value for money combined with superb performance.

Quick View catana_surf_v1_m56577569830908721.png Catana Surf 2pc

For it's price, there is very little to challenge the stunning Catana Surf!

Quick View vengeance_estuary_v1_m56577569830908837.png Vengeance Estuary

The Vengeance is the perfect rod for short to medium range work and offers outstanding value for money.

Quick View beastmaster_bx_traveler_surf_v1_m56577569830908672.png BeastMaster S.T.C. Surf BX

This seven section Surfcasting rod has been developed for the travelling angler. This rod is set to open new horizons to globetrotting beach fishing lovers.

Quick View beastmaster_ax_traveler_surf_v1_m56577569830908668.png BeastMaster AX S.T.C. Surf

This power house of a rod is built to cast to the horizon and land even the largest of fish - a big ask for many rods, let alone a 7 multi-piece model!