New Women's competitive Road and Mountain Biking footwear

Women’s competitive cycling just got a whole lot more catered for with the introduction of two new Shimano mountain biking shoes and a new Shimano racing and performance-level road shoe.

Off road

For cross-country and off-road mountain biking the new high-end WM64 and WM53 shoes introduce the ergonomically efficient Dynalast technology already featured in the top of the range WM84 cross country shoe.

Dynalast technology is designed to bring an anatomic last (ie the interior shoe cavity) that conforms better to the natural contours of the foot. The heel sits deeper in the shoe whilst the fit is snug and close to the foot. Combined with a women’s specific fit – narrower heel pocket, narrower volume with added support in the instep, and a lower volume toe box – this equals fewer gaps and longer, faster, and more comfortable rides.

The WM64 also features Shimano’s Torbal torsional midsole providing a stiff instep section and an independently flexible front and back section, allowing for efficient power transfer to the areas you need it most.

Fastening is taken care of by two Velcro straps and a top ratchet strap on the WM64, and three Velcro straps on the WM53.

For great versatility and performance on the trail combine these shoes with SPD cleats and Shimano’s PD-M530 or PD-M520 pedals.

On road

Meanwhile for female road cyclists the WR84 delivers pure pedaling performance with its ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole. This rigidity allows power to be driven directly into the cranks, exactly what you need from a race performance shoe.

Comfort hasn’t been spared though with a padded gloss synthetic leather Surround designed for all day comfort and long days in the saddle.

The WR84 shoe is best matched with Shimano’s PD-6800 pedal and SPD-SL cleats and is due to be on sale from September onwards. 


New Shimano Women's road and off-road shoes are expected in stores by September 2015.