The inter-8 hub has increased its gear ratio to 307%, compared to 244% of the Inter-7 hub. The Inter-8 hub also incorporates a closer gear ratio allowing a more efficient and comfortable pedaling cadence. A trully "all conditions" internal hub has arrived.
  • pretty_bullet.png Highest Shimano internal hub efficiency
  • pretty_bullet.png Double roller clutch engagement for smoother, quiester shifting
  • pretty_bullet.png Center Lock rotor mount

Product Specs

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Model Number SG-S501
Speeds 8-speed
Silent Clutch Yes
Shifting Power Modulator Yes
Driving Efficiency High
Shifting Lever SL-S500
Disc Brake Rotor Mount Yes
Gear Ratio Total Difference 307%
Gear Ratio 1 0.527
Gear Ratio 2 0.644
Gear Ratio 3 0.748
Gear Ratio 4 0.851
Gear Ratio 5 1
Gear Ratio 6 1.223
Gear Ratio 7 1.419
Gear Ratio 8 1.615
Axle Length 135mm
Over Locknut 187mm
Spoke Holes 32, 36H
Spoke Size 92.6mm
Sprocket Options 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23T (16T: for Outward assembling only)
Chain Line 41.8mm
Cassette Joint CJ-8S20, CJ-8S40