New Shimano Road shoes bring out the competition element

Five new road-orientated shoes have been unveiled by Shimano, designed to bridge the gap between competitive level performance and new road cyclists.

Road Performance series

Designed with the Gran Fondo and sportive rider in mind, the new Shimano Road Performance (RP) series brings the optimum balance of speed, rigidity and all-day comfort to the power-transmitting platform.

Four new models make up the RP series, each featuring pro-level features including Shimano’s trademark Dynalast shape, stylish and exclusive design aesthetics and durable synthetic leather finishes. A new competitive road shoe for women is also available, designed with a narrower profile to meet the unique ergonomic and performance requirements of female cyclists.

  • RP9: Flagship Road Performance shoe designed for long days in the saddle.

Much like its brethren in the competitive road category this beautifully crafted RP9 brings heat-moldable custom fit technology on the upper and insole to give you a superb fitting shoe for maximum pedaling efficiency.

Its aesthetic appeal is taken care of with a distinctive, minimalistic look, avoiding the clutter of an over-designed shoe. The textured Surround upper pattern together with air vents on the toe cap provide the perfect balance of holding power and all day comfort. 

Fastening is taken care of with two hook and loop straps and a reverse buckle, providing a sleek and clean look.

The ultra-rigid, weaved carbon fiber SPD-SL compatible sole has an 11/12 stiffness rating for powerful power transmission.

An added feature of the RP9 is its anti-bacterial, mint aroma insole. Together with the air intake and exhaust ports you’ll have no excuse for pungent pedaling.

The RP9; redefining the balance of aesthetic, comfort and power transfer.

The 538g (size 40) RP9 is best matched with Shimano’s PD-6800 pedal and SPD-SL cleat. The shoe comes in black or white and is available in sizes 36-50.

  • RP5: Performance cycling shoe built for endurance events

The RP5 provides a lightweight footwear option built with the aspiring recreational rider in mind. A secure and supple upper provides holding power and sufficient rigidity whilst an optimally balanced glass fiber reinforced nylon sole with a carbon fiber composite plate brings power transfer and all day comfort.

Both the RP5 and RP3 are indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible.

The RP5 is best matched with the PD-5800.

  • RP3 and RP2: Pro level features, perfect for the club and recreational cyclist

Built to provide efficient comfort on recreational rides the RP3 and RP2 both introduce pro-level features for the aspiring competitive cyclist.

Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon soles with adaptable cupped insoles provide optimum pedaling efficiency and comfort. A flexible arch in the sole adapts to the height of the foot arch to ensure pedaling stability.

Off-set straps relieve tension across the top of the foot while hook and loop straps spread the tightening force. The RP3 also introduces a buckle strap for a firm fitting upper.

The RP3 and RP2 are SPD-SL and SPD compatible, matching with PD-R550,PD-R540, PD-540-LA and PD-A520 (plus SM-SH40 adapter) pedals. The RP3 weighs 527g and the RP2 weighs 505g (size 40).

  • Women’s competition race: WR84

Whilst all Shimano shoes can be worn by either gender, the company also makes shoes specifically with women’s feet in mind.

Women’s feet are anatomically different to men’s in several ways, so Shimano design a last (ie the internal shape) fit for purpose. With this in mind the WR84 has been contoured with a narrower heel pocket, narrower volume, added support in the instep and a lower volume toe box, whilst sharing the same Dynalast performance-enhancing properties as the men’s RP models.

The sleek and stylish WR84 is intended for competitive racing. It delivers pure pedaling performance with the express purpose of winning races. Its textured upper surround provides absolute all-day comfort and holding power guaranteeing superb fit and maximum pedaling efficiency.

Fastening is taken care of with an adaptable reverse-buckle closure system that adjusts to various instep heights and shapes for a more natural, comfortable fit.

Stiff and lightweight carbon fiber soles complete the WR84, providing an ultra-rigid platform to transfer power into the cranks.

The WR84 weighs 500g (size 40) and is best matched with Shimano’s PD-6800 pedal and an SPD-SL cleat.