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The Standard in Internal Geared Hubs

The NEXUS 8-speed system delivers a high level of design, quality and function. Many technical advances have been achieved, like incorporating SHIMANO's unique Gear Change Support mechanisim that makes a real low effort shifting.

Quick View SB-8S20C_600x450_v1_m56577569830921406.jpg Nexus Revo Brake/Shift Lever 8-Speed

8-Speed Revo Shifter-Brake Lever

Quick View SL-8S20_600x450_v1_m56577569830714277.jpg NEXUS SHIFTER WITH 4-FINGER BRAKE LEVER

8-Speed Revo Shifter

Quick View ST-8S20_600x450_v1_m56577569830714278.jpg NEXUS SHIFTER WITH 3-FINGER BRAKE LEVER

8-Speed Tap-Fire Shifter-Brake Lever

Quick View BL-IM60_popup_v1_m56577569830549797.jpg Brake Lever

Brake Lever

Quick View BL-IM65_popup_v1_m56577569830549803.jpg Brake Lever

Brake Lever

Quick View BR-IM75-F_600x450_v1_m56577569830640316.jpg NEXUS Hub Roller Brake

Hub Roller Brake (Front)

Quick View BR-IM70-R_600x450_v1_m56577569830648803.jpg NEXUS Hub Roller Brake

Hub Roller Brake (Rear)

Quick View DH-3D70_popup_v1_m56577569830550145.jpg Hub Dynamo

Dynamo Front Hub (for CenterLock Disc Brake)

Quick View DH-3N70_popup_v1_m56577569830550157.jpg Dynamo Hub

Dynamo Front Hub

Quick View SG-3C41_600x450_v1_m56577569830921613.jpg Inter-3 Rear Hub Quick View SG-3D55_600x450_v1_m56577569830921541.jpg Nexus Universal Hub Kit 3-Speed Quick View SG-7R46_600x450_v1_m56577569830714275.jpg NEXUS Internally Geared Hub

7-Speed Internal Hub with Roller Brake